Friday, April 4, 2008


Help is Available for Georgia Students!

Graduation from High School is the hallmark of spring each year for many Georgia students. The months leading up to graduation can be less stressful for students as they navigate the transition to post secondary education. GAcollege 411 is a free, on-line resource that helps students plan, apply and pay for college.

It is never too early to be organized in your thoughts and plans for your education goals. High school students on a traditional or alternative education path as well as adult learners will find valuable information on this website. Matching skills to a career choice, studying for SAT and ACT, financial aid and scholarships are just some of the available services. For some, the Student Planner Timeline alone will be worth the mouse click.

GAcollege411 is a state service provided to Georgia citizens by the Georgia Student Finance Commission along with many Georgia partner organizations and agents.

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