Thursday, September 24, 2009

GA HS Sports: Avondale & Blessed Trinity HS

Avondale & Blessed Trinity HS
Beyond the Game

Friday night is Football night for most Georgia high schools. Georgia Public Broadcasting and Score Atlanta are collaborating to cover the 2009 high school football season from the first game to the season championships at the Georgia Dome. Check out the Football Fridays in Georgia website for stats, interviews and live streaming of the game. We are all proud of our student athletes and their accomplishments on the field each week. Here are some facts and programs you might not know about our featured schools.

Avondale High School
1192 Clarendon Road
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

The origins of Avondale High School predate its current community of Avondale Estates. Avondale High School began in 1906 as The Ingleside School, located near DeKalb County's Scottdale community. The faculty numbered 7. Today's 2009 high school is a DeKalb County school with a student body of over 1,000 and faculty and staff of 77.

The mission of Avondale High School posted on the school's website is to prepare all students for college by blending rigourous academic and vocational studies, providing numerous opportunities for Advanced Placement courses, and creating a culture of high expectations.

Avondale students can participate in a long list of clubs and afterschool activities including the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps (AFJROTC). Cadets in this program participate in Aerospace Science Instruction as well as Leadership and Fitness training.

The Avondale High School Touchdown Club, a 501 (c) (3) Private Foundation, has been form
ed to honor the rich history of excellence displayed by the Avondale High School football teams between 1951-1989 and to ensure that the legacy comes alive in today's teams and young football players at Avondale High School.

Bob Burgess, an Avondale alum and former Blue Devils football team member, recalls his grandfather's story of attending The Ingleside School and his father's experience of playing football before it was an 11-man team. Mr. Burgess got his start playing football in the Midway community. Students as young as the 5th grade could start learning the game and earn the experience that would ultimatley create a "feeder" system for AHS. With these deep community roots, Mr. Burgess remembers Avondale's state championship teams, 6,000 fans in the stands every Friday night, scholarships for the players and young student athletes who grew into successful

This is the legacy that he and the current leadership of the Touchdown Club (Billy Bourn, Bruce Brown, Rick Brown, Calvin Lott, Flemm Mitchell, John Plagman, Johnny Lawson, Perry Stringer and Stacy Burnette) wants to to make sure is available to this new generation of of Blue Devils football teams. Whether it is football socks and shoes, helmets and uniforms, pre-games meals, field equipment along with any other of the many items a team needs, or a cheering fan in the stands, these young players will know what it means to be part of this new community of supports.

Mr. Burgess describes the new Blue Devils team as young men who want to play football, become winners on the field and in the classroom, and who need community help to reach those goals. Visit the website for the Avondale High School Return to Excellence Campaign to learn more about the 2009-2010 team and the efforts of the Touchdown Club to support it.

Blessed Trinity Catholic High School
11320 Woodstock Road
Roswell, GA 30075

The Class of 2003 was the Charter Class for Blessed Trinity Catholic High School, a co-educational college preparatory institution of Catholic Education of North Georgia, Inc. In the 2007-2008 school year, 8 houses were created at Blessed Trinity to create smaller communities for and to foster a sense of belonging for students. The 40 elected student leaders from each of the 8 houses make up Blessed Trinity's Student Government.

Frank Moore, Blessed Trinity Principal and faculty member, Kathy Hoffman wanted to share the story of Blessed Trinity's Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter. Blessed Trinity's Campus Chapter was initiated 6 years ago through the efforts of a Blessed Trinity Junior and her dad. Now Chapter Advisor Kathy Hoffman reports that over 200 students sign up on Club Day each year to be eligible to participate in the organized "builds" that take place on 3 Saturdays throughout the school year.

A special building project was held on March 21, 2009 when the moms and students from Blessed Trinity and Marist came together for Habit for Humanity Women Build. The group of volunteers were asigned the task of begininng construction on TWO homes in South Atlanta. Beginning with bare slabs of concrete, their efforts by the end of the day had the structures ready for roof construction.

These are just two examples of why Blessed Trinity's Habitat for Humity Campus Chapter has been named one of the top 5 Campus Chapter in the country for 2009. Ms. Hoffman explained that the "Campus" designation refers to more than 400 college and high schools, increasing the competition but also increasing the prestiqe of the award. Criteria for the award include education, advocating, building and fundraising. Ms. Hoffman and Emily Hogan, Student Body President, will accept the award in Chicago at the Habitat for Humanity Annual Youth Conference.

Blessed Trinity has received a $5,000 Matching Grant from State Farm as well as a $2,000 Sta
te Grant towards the school's goalof participating in the Habitat for Humanity Global Village Program.

Visit the website for more information on Habitat for Humanity International.

Remember, visit GPB's Football Fridays in Georgia website as your source for half-time interviews in the Press Box and streaming of the game.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation: Promote Physical Activity in Schools

Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation Announcement

The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation is excited to announce the launch of "60 Ways to Play 60," a global campaign to identify, harvest and promote innovative ways schools can get more students engaged in daily physical activity.

Please register on the site so you can submit entries or nominate organizations you want to enter - and be sure to browse the entries yourself and vote for the ones you like best.

Just as important, we hope you will distribute this information to everyone in your network. Good ideas can come from anyone and any place, so it's critical that as many individuals as possible get an opportunity to participate. We want as many ideas and as many voters as possible.

TELEPHONE: 770.965.3115
FACSIMILE: 770.965.3185
Contact: John Bare
Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation


"Giving Georgia's kids access to physical fitness activities is critical to reducing childhood obesity in our state," Falcons Owner Arthur M. Blank said. "The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation is keenly focused on this issue, and we think this new campaign will further our efforts in a meaningful way."

The "60 Ways to Play 60" campaign on seeks new or early-stage
innovative ideas for schools to adopt
. The campaign especially encourages entries from kids, but also from parents, teachers, school administrators, coaches, community program administrators and others.
The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation has pledged $1,000 to the innovation drawing the most votes of support from the online Changemakers community, and the Foundation expects to consider grants to help Georgia schools adopt the strongest ideas. Representatives from the first 20 Georgia schools submitting ideas will be invited to a Falcons game during the 2009 season, courtesy of NetMOVE, the official mover of the Atlanta Falcons.

Friday, September 18, 2009

GA HS Sports: Carver-Columbus & Baldwin HS

Carver-Columbus & Baldwin HS
Beyond the Game

Friday night is Football night for most Georgia high schools. Georgia Public Broadcasting and Score Atlanta are collaborating to cover the 2009 high school football season from the first game to the season championships at the Georgia Dome. Check out the Football Fridays in Georgia website for stats, interviews and live streaming of the game. We are all proud of our student athletes and their accomplishments on the field each week. Here are some facts and programs you might not know about our featured schools.

Georgia Washington Carver High School
3100 8th Street
Columbus, GA 31906

On Fridays, the "on the field focus" is on the student athletes and the game they play. Mr. Christopher Lindsey, Carver Principal, asked Georgia Graduation Stories to focus on Carver's Math, Science, & Technology magnet program for our Beyond the Game feature. Thank you to Ms. Joyce Lee for providing information on the Integrated Math, Science & Technology Magnet Program (IMST).

Begun in 1991, Carver's IMST program was designed to serve students who exemplify a strong interest and aptitude in Math and in Science combined with an emphasis on Technology. Students with a strong interest in Math, Science and Technology move through a hands-on curriculum in those areas. In addition, the program offers a well rounded, individualized curriculum for all students. To qualify for the IMST program at Carver, students must successfully complete Advanced Math and maintain a cumulative average of 3.0 or higher in all Math and Science courses. In addition, prospective students must present a letter of recommendation from both a Science and a Math teacher, acceptable scores on standardized tests and an interview with the Principal or Lead Teacher. Magnet School students are required to balance accomplishments at the school with those in the community. For school, each student develops and completes an in-depth research project and a senior seminar. In addition, each student is required to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours annually toward Service Learning and must participate in various Math and Science competitions.

Listed below are just a few of the accomplishments and success stories of the students at Carver's Integrated Math, Science & Technology program:

* 100% pass rate on all portions of the Georgia High School Graduation Test on the first attempt
*Presidential scholarships to major universities
*Recruitment of graduations by such post secondary institutions as University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn University, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame and Tuskegee
*Student appointment to the United States Military Academ at West Point and to the United States Naval Academy
*Winner of Sony Student Abroad Program in Japan
*Regional and state winners at Science Fair and at Math competions

Baldwin High School
110 North ABC Street
Milledgeville, GA 31061

Mr. Lyn Chandler, Principal, provided background information on Baldwin that describes a High School that is working hard to support and focus on the education needs of all the students in the school.

Educating Everyone Takes Everyone
Educate to Graduate

This philosophy describes the approach the faculty and staff use to educate the approximately 1,400 Baldwin students. Indications are that their approach is working. There has been an upward trajectory in Baldwin's graduation rate, including a marked increase in 2008 (69.3%) and 2009. These statistics are matched by a corresponding decrease in the student dropout rate.

Milestones for Baldwin High School include:
*Govenor's Challenge Cup Award for Gain on the SAT
*Georiga Work Ready Grant
*II-D ITEE Grants in Science & Math
*Enterprise Small Learning Communities Grant
*GLRS SPDG Project (Georgia Graduation / Dropout Prevention Project

Athletics, particularly Football and Basketball, are an outstanding feature at Baldwin High School. Another point of pride for the BHS community is the school's Visual and Performing Arts program. Baldwin High School is one of the few Georgia high schools with a program that students can follow to earn a Fine Arts Endorsement on their diploma. Students can participate in Band, Choral, Dance and Theater as well as Visual Arts and Gallery work. Fame, the Musical is scheduled to be the Theater Department's fall '09 production.

The big news is that Baldwin High School is renovating and building a new Fine Arts Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, complete with a 1,000 seat auditorium. Thank you to Mr. Lyn Chandler, Baldwin's Principal, for the images of the soon to be Fine Arts Center.

See more pictures in a slide show format.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grady HS Art Students Create Dinosaur Feet for GPB

Grady HS Art Students & GPB Collaborate on Dinosaur Project

Is it a bad dream or have you been seeing dinosaur feet all over Metro Atlanta? You are not dreaming. The feet are as real as possible for being the appendages of creatures long gone from earth. The feet are 4' tall; one pair organge; one pair green. They have been spotted on top of cars, at soccer games, church parking lots, at a children's museum and at other dinosaur friendly locations. They were created to draw attention to Georgia Public Broadcasting's Dinosaur Week, September 13-18, 2009.

Students in both the set design and sculpture classes at Grady High School, under the leadership of Art Chair, John Brandhorst, crafted the feet. Sophomore Iris Schaer took a leading roll in the initial phases of the project. The feet were sketched out, carved and molded from styrofoam then painted and treated with two coats of urathene to create a resilient surface.

Mr. Brandhorst accepted the commission from Georgia Public Broadcasting in order to provide his students with a real and connected project that mirrors industrial design projects in the real world of work.

Check out the slide show to see complete process for making dinosaur feet.

The structures are modeled after the feet of characters Buddy and Tiny from Dinosaur Train, the new PBS pre-school program created by the Jim Henson Company. The show combines a child's love of trains and dinosaurs while encouraging basic scientific thinking and skills along with learning about natural science, history and paleontology.

Check out the great offerings from GPB Television, Radio and Education as we all celebrate Dinosaur Week!

Thank you to John Brandhorst for the photographs documenting the creation of the dinosaur feet by the Grady HS students.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GA HS Sports: McEachern HS & Woodstock HS

McEachern HS & Woodstock HS
Beyond the Game

Friday night is Football night for most Georgia high schools. Georgia Public Broadcasting and Score Atlanta are collaborating to cover the 2009 high school football season from the first game to the season championships at the Georgia Dome. Check out the Football Fridays in Georgia website for stats, interviews and live streaming of the game.
We are all proud of our student athletes and their accomplishments on the field each week. Here are some facts and programs you might not know about our featured schools.

McEachern High School
2400 New Macland Road
Powder Springs, Ga 30127

When asked about the historic setting for McEarchern High School, Principal Regina Montgomery talked about meeting folks who attend grades 1-12 at this school in its earlier days. She has also met families that go beyond that to enroll their children and even grandchildren in the current McEarchern. A statement from the website school website states that "our traditions are based on a quality education and high standards for all." A McEachern alum describes his experiences at the school as being the product of a top notch facility and outstanding teachers and providing him with all the tools he needed for success.

What is now McEachern High School began in 1908 as the Seventh District Argricultural and Mechanical (A & M) School. The donation of land and the financial support of John Newton McEachern and other community leaders made the original building project possible. In 1933, the A & M School closed and a consolidated Cobb Co. school was created, later named for John McEarchern. Visit the school website to learn more of the history and to see photographs from each era and school programs.

McEachern offers programs and services to students in grades 9-12 in academics, fine arts, athletics and organizations. Students in grade 9 meet most of their classes in the Freshman Center. In the spring of their 8th grade year, rising Freshman are registered for the Center. This program allows teachers and students to be in tune with educational needs and fosters habits of success at this critical juncture of high school education.

Woodstock High School
2010 Town Lake S Drive
Woodstock, GA 30189

Woodstock High School opened in 1996 with freshman and sophore classes. Each year, a new class of freshman was added until the full 9-12 education program was implemented. Current students can select from tech-prep to advanced placement courses. The 1998-1999 school year marked the begining of varsity sports at Woodstock. Their teams are know as the Wolverines.

Freshman students and their success are still an important part of Woodstock High School today.The Wolverine Academy (Freshman Academy) was created in the 2008-2009 school year. It allows 9th grade students to make the transition to high school while offering the structure they need to perform well academically and socially through a supportive school environment. Wolverine Academy leadership is provided by an Assisstant Principal, Graduation Coach, Guidance Counselor and Careers Facilitator. Statistics provided by Woodstock High School indicate that the passing rate for freshman has increased from 72% to 84% after just one year of the program. Visit the Wolverine Academy website for more details on the program and to learn the names of the Outstanding Freshman for the Week.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Registration Opens for GPEE Bus Trip #17

Applications Currently Being Accepted

Visiting a classroom in a Georgia school keeps you informed of some of the best practices that are happening in our state to effect student success. The 17th Bus Trip Across Georgia, sponsored by the Georgia Parntership for Excellence in Education, provides the opportunity for those kind of thoughtful school visits.

On-line registration is now open for indivduals interested in applying for the trip scheduled for Oct. 27-29, 2009. School visits include:

*Amana Academy, Alpharetta, Fulton Co. Schools

*Centennial Arts Academy, Gainesville, Gainesville City Schools

*Georgia College Early College, Middedgeville, Georgia College and State University, and the Oconee Regional Educational Service Agency

*Morgan County High School, Madison, Morgan County

*Unity Elemenatry School, LaGrange, Troup County

*Parks Middle School, Atlanta, Atlanta Public Schools

Application deadline: Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GA Graduation and Collaboration Coaches Highlighted


Tuesday, September 8, 2009
3:30-4:30 p.m. Eastern Time

Graduation & Collaboration Coaches: Working Effectively Together

presented by
Dr. Laura Brown and Ms. Fran Bay

*Learn how Graduation & Collaboration Coaches have contributed to an increase in Georgia's Graduation rate

*Learn about the roles of these Graduation & Collaboration Coaches

This webcast will address a framework for dropout prevention that has been effective in Georgia. The state's Graduation Coach program provides early intervention services to students at risk for dropping out of school. The state's graduation rate has increased from 72.3% in 2007 to 75.4% in 2008 - a record high. This 3.1% rate increase represents 8,277 additional graduates for the 2007-2008 school year. The State's dropout rate decreased from 4.1% to 3.7%. Georgia also funds Collaboration Coaches to assist middle and high schools in developing support for students with disabilities. Schools implement strategies for engaging students academically and behaviorally as well as focusing on affective needs.

On the day of the webcast, log on 10-30 minutes early to ensure you are connected to the broadcast @ You should just hear music until the program begins @ 3:30. If you have problems connecting, call Eric Rodgers @ 864.656.4550.

Supplementary materials are now available online. All necessary information about participating fully in this professional development opportunity is found on the website. For further questions, contact the National Dropout Prevention Center or call 864.656.2580.

Participation in this webcast is free and no registration is required. The program will be archived in its entirety on the website. On the day of the webcast, link to the broadcast. This webcast is produced with support from Penn Foster. If you have trouble with the link, copy and paste the entire address listed below into your web browser:

Georgia Fine Arts Standards Open for Public Comment

Georgia Department of Education Invites Public Comment on the New Fine Arts Standards

August 13, 2009, Georgia's State Board of Education approved Draft Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) for Fine Arts Education. These standards were developed in the spring and summer of 2009 by Georgia Arts Educators, School Administrators, Teaching Artists and Community Leaders under the guidance of the Georgia Department of Education.

Review & Comment

October 12, 2009: draft standards for K-12 Dance, Music, Theater Arts and Visual Arts are posted for 60 days of public review and comment.

Time Line for Implementation

November 5, 2009: draft standards currently scheduled to be presented to the State Board of Education for approval

February, 2010: training for Administrators and Fine Arts teachers begins

For questions or more information, contact:
Pam Smith, Curriculum and Instructional Services Director