Monday, May 19, 2008

Atlanta Youth & International Art Exhibit in Beijing

Metro Atlanta Youth Attend
Art Exhibit Opening at the
Millennium Monument Museum

Linden Longino and International Paint Pals provided the exciting news about The Beijing Program and student success:

On June 1, Youth Art Connection's art exhibition for the Olympic Games ("Peace, Friendship, and Goodwill through the Olympic Spirit") will open in Beijing's Millennium Monument Museum. Children from 65 countries (1/3 of those in the world) sent us paintings. Works by two (Rashad Sherman and Cedric Brown) of our Boys & Girls Clubs traveling kids are in the exhibit, and all members of our youth group will participate in the opening ceremonies along with Chinese kids.

Our partner, the Beijing Youth Federation, has invited Chinese government officials, Olympics officials, and ambassadors from participating countries to attend the event. June 1 is also National Children's Day in China.

Check out the place where we will open the exhibition on June 1 - Beijing's Millennium Monument Museum.

You can review other posts in this blog to learn more about the preparation and activities of The Beijing Program.

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