Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Resource for Educators from GPB

Georgia Public Broadcasting Launching New Digital Education Channel

Georgia Public Broadcasting will be launching a new digital education channel on October 1, 2008. This new channel, GPB Knowledge, will be available throughout the state of Georgia and will replace our existing delivery method of GPB Education Satellite Programming (formally PeachStar Satellite Programming). Much of the content will be available through GPB Education Streaming and the GPB Digital Library On-Demand, as well as on our new channel, GPB Knowledge. Educators will have the same recording rights as before.

To receive GPB Educational programs, Educators have the option of:

live viewing on GPB Knowledge (on television)

downloading from GPB Education Streaming to their computers for later viewing

storing on portable devices for more convenient viewing (i.e., flash drives or burning to CDs).

Schools will receive GPB Knowledge via cable

commercial satellite

or by tuning your digital receiver to 8.3

For schools without cable, commercial satellite or digital reception, a converter box is recommended. They may be purchased wherever electronics are sold and cost between $40 and $80 dollars. This will convert analog televisions - TVs with “rabbit ear” antennas - to digital format so you and your students may enjoy digital broadcasting.

In the event that your area does not have access to broadcast television and you’d like to watch GPB Knowledge, the channel may be accessed on your computer by using a USBTV Tuner.

GPB Education Streaming will continue to provide On-Demand delivery of over 5,000 full-length videos with segments and educator resources. Visit www.gpb.org/education for more information.

For a complete list of all GPB Education programs and where to access them, CLICK HERE.

Here is a list of the current programs you’ve come to rely on as classroom tools from GPB and where you may find them now:

Programs on the GPB Knowledge Channel:
Economics USA
Math for All
Trip Nation
English Composition: Writing for an Audience
American Passages: A Literary Survey
Art of the Western World
Careers for the 21st Century

Programs continuing on Georgia Public Broadcasting:
American History through Southern Eyes
2008 Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest
Georgia Read More
Guiding Children Successfully
Parenting Works
Right from Birth
Going to School
Parenting Principal
Literary Visions
Keeping Kids Healthy
TV 411
A Child’s Bookshelf
GPEE Bus Trip Across Georgia

Programs available for streaming on GPB.org:
Achieving Excellence
Count On It!
Georgia Stories
GPB Classroom
Green Tree Frog
Youth Art: Reflections on the World
Instrumental Success

Programs available for download from
GPB Education Streaming:
Count On It!
Georgia Stories I & II
GPB Classroom: Chemistry
GPB Classroom: Physics
The Green Tree Frog: How a Bill Becomes a Law

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