Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Free Resources = Grant $$$


High Tech + Newsprint = $$$

Even in this high-tech world, sometimes just nothing beats the feel of newsprint – holding a real newspaper in your hand, folding it just so to make it easier to read and then tucking it in your briefcase for those “hurry-up-and-wait” times.

I have a free subscription to eSchool News for those very reasons! An added benefit is that it also entitles me to free access to eSchool News Online. The online version offers even more of the great news and resources supplied by eSchool News -- updated 24/7!

If you are reading my blog posts, then you need funding for your classroom and/or school. At eSchool News Online, you will find the latest Grants and Funding news, awards and deadlines including a new e-Rate Survival Guide.

Funding doesn’t exist in a vacuum, though. It is affected by so many other things. That’s why you will appreciate eSchool News Online’s insightful, in-depth coverage of the biggest stories of the day, updated daily with comments from your fellow educators along with today's latest news story.

The editors of eSchool News have assembled a variety of resource centers on the hottest topics in education technology. The resource centers are a collection of news and resources aimed at helping you sort out the complex challenges facing educators every day.

Finally, eSchool News Online provides powerful research tools inside their new Buyer’s Center, including over 10,000 company profiles. Their Technology Solution Center Buyer’s Guide, the new AV Buyer’s Guide and the new Security Buyer’s Guide will help you find essential information for budgets and budget narratives.

It’s hard to believe that all of this is free, FREE, FREE!

More than 190,000 educators have registered for free online access to eSchool News. You can join them! Sign up today and look for the registration quick link!

Oh – and if you are like me and love the feel of newsprint, you can also subscribe to the print version of eSchool News for free.

Sandy Spruill is the Grants Administrator for Georgia Public Broadcasting and a member of the American Association of Grants Professionals.

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