Thursday, March 26, 2009

GPEE Bus Trip Across Georiga: Snapshot of the Riders

Strengthening the Pipeline to Graduation

For 16 years, the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education has established a "bus route" into communities and classrooms all over Georgia, lifting up and celebrating success in education. GPEE reports in their "rider's guide" that in 15 years, more than 1,750 riders have participated in these Bus Trips, making almost 260 stops in more than 120 school systems and communities, covering a total distance of more than 24,000 miles.

Fall, 2008, two buses, with riders from classroom teachers, administrators, pre-service students along with business and community leaders set out to discover what Georgia schools need to do provide "top-notch educational opportunities for all students". Under the banner of Strengthening the Pipeline to Graduation, the 16th Annual Bus Trip Across Georgia took off again.

Snapshot of the Riders

North Route Chair, Jackie Parker. Jackie is Vice-President, Glrobal Inclusion & Diversity and Head of Corporate Philanthropy for Newell Rubbermaid.

Students majoring in education and college administrators were among the Bus Riders. Colleges and universities represented on the North Route included: Kennesaw State University, Macon State College, Fort Valley State, Clayton State University and Dalton State College.

Andrew Cameron, Senior Program Director with Amazing Young Minds and Atheletes Corp. represented the High School for Recording Arts/Studio 4.

Leanne Maule, 2009 Georgia Teacher of the Year
Leanne was chosen from a pool of 141 applicants that were selected as Teacher of the Year by their individual school districts.
Ten finalists were chosen based upon the scores of the essays on their applications, and interview process and observations in their school.

Andrea King and Susan Grigg are the Georgia recipients of the 2008 Milken Awards.

From the website:

The Milken Family Foundation National Educator Awards program provides public recognition and financial rewards to elementary and secondary schoolteachers, principals and other education professionals who are furthering excellence in education. By honoring outstanding educators, the program strives to attract, develop, motivate and retain talented people to the challenge and adventure of teaching.

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