Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Clarkston High School Student Presentations

Student Presentations at Clarkston High School

Students at DeKalb County's Clarkston High School are preparing for the spring round of their presentations. These presentations are based on an individual student's interests or career exploration and are developed over an extended period of the school year. The presentations may take the form of PowerPoint, speaches, demonstrations or fashion show just to list a few of the options. Clarkston High School Guidance Counselors and Graduation Coach advise the students and coordinate the presentations. Community members from such fields as the arts, medicine, law, engineering, and business are invited to serve as Judges over the week long schedule of student presentations.

Thank you to Joi L. Chester, Graduation Coach at Clarkston High for sending along the news of the presentations and the picture of students with Tom Roman, Communities in Schools of GA.

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