Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Parent Involvement for Student Success

It Takes A Parent

The school year is over and the local news is filled with stories about the results of standardized tests results. Parents are eager to know how their children did and where their school ranks in terms of creating success for students.

Parents can take a pro-active approach to those questions even before the new school year begins. Georgia Appleseed has created a training video and workshop for parents to enable them to act as full, participating partners in their child's school. It Takes a Parent: Strengthening Effective Parent Involvement is available as a 5-minute promotional video and as an online video workshop. The most effective use of the video is to use it as part of a facilitated workshop.

The information for parents in this video is based upon the parent involvement requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind law, the Georgia A+ Reform Act and the SE Association for Colleges and Schools (SACS). The more effective the Parent-School relationship the more productive the schools become.

View the Promotional Video.

The Parent Training Video and Workshop promote parent involvement by providing more information, access to data and training on how to use it. For more information, contact:
Georgia Appleseed

View It Takes a Parent: Strengthening Effective Parent Involvement.

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