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The stories of the journey Georgia middle and high school students travel on their way to becoming successful high school graduates is the major focus of this blog. As we share these stories with each other, we create the possibility of connections, celebrations, and a more personal view of factors that challenge Georgia’s high school graduation rate.

Our First Contributor

What does this have to do with Blueberries? Kristie Stiles, Graduation Coach at Dodge County Middle School, is one of the first to respond to a call for shared stories. The postings in her blog take us through the first day she got her appointment to her thoughts on the nature of the job, why it is needed, what she is doing, and how she feels about what is happening with her students. If you are someone who likes to skip ahead, you might check out Kristi’s post for September 30 on Shifting Paradigms or October 11 on Mentoring. If you have more curiosity than patience, jump right to Kristi’s post for September 13 to read the anecdote about blueberries.

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Comments from Kristie in her response to the March 11, 2008 request for content for the Georgia Graduation Stories blog:

The people of Georgia will never realize how tenuous at-risk kids are in
their lives. Some don't know where dinner is coming from, so a school
project is fairly meaningless some days. Children really do begin the
decision to drop out of high school before they ever get there. The
Governor has done a wondrous thing by acknowledging and funding such a
critical person in the lives of these often left behind children.

Thank you to Kristie and to the students, families, teachers and administrators of Dodge County Middle School.


In 2006, Gov. Perdue introduced the High School Graduation Coach initiative that placed Graduation Coaches in 369 Georgia high schools. Students who are at-risk of becoming a school drop out are the Graduation Coach’s target population. Graduation Coaches work along with parents, teachers and school administrators to help the identified students successfully graduate and to be prepared for a post-secondary education and/or workforce experience. The Georgia Department of Education’s Division of School Improvement Services and Communities in Schools of Georgia collaborate to provide training, support and technical assistance for Georgia’s Graduation Coaches.

Beginning with the 2007-2008 school year, Middle School Graduation Coaches were placed throughout Georgia’s Middle Schools. Graduation Coaches at this level work on providing a successful transition for all students from elementary school to middle school. The Coaches also provide at-risk middle school students with comprehensive prevention and intervention programs.

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Communities in Schools

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