Thursday, March 20, 2008

Staying in School is Worth the Ride

This tag line provides an important message to students while succinctly describing a focus of Road Trip, an award winning monthly video series available both on the web and on Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Education Satellite Network (Channels 420 & 430).

The 12 episodes in the series highlight the new age of technology while taking an interesting look into Georgia’s technical colleges. Students at a fictional Georgia high school bring questions about life and career choices to the actors who play high school counselors and administrators. Their answer is to have everyone pile into the star vehicle of the series (its orange) and go on a Road Trip to the state’s 33 technical colleges and three Board of Regents colleges. For the two career counselors it is an opportunity to slow their county’s alarming dropout rate and expose their student to the rewards of education by taking them on these visits to Georgia’s technical colleges.

A film crew from West Georgia Technical Colleges spent almost a year shooting on location to provide students and audience alike get an “I never knew that” look at programs such as Culinary Arts, Animation & Multimedia, Veterinary Assistant and Robotics to name a few.

Road Trip is a production partnership between Georgia Public Broadcasting and the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education.

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