Thursday, May 14, 2009

MetLife 2009 Ambassador in Education Award for Arts Educator at North Atlanta High School

Georgia Art Educator Recognized for Community Service

MetLife's Ernest L. Foster and National Civic League President Gloria Rubio-Cortes present the 2009 MetLife Foundation Ambassadors in Education Award and a $5,000 check for the school to art educator Natalie Brandhorst (center).

Natalie Brandhorst was recently recognized in a ceremony at North Atlanta High School for the work she has done with her students to build bridges between the school and community. View the Georgia Graduation Stories blog for April 14th and the Atlanta Public Schools press release for May 13th for more details on the MetLife Ambassador in Education Award and the accomplishments of Ms. Brandhorst and her students.

Thank you to Joe Manguno, Media Relations Specialist for Atlanta Public Schools, for supplying the photograph.

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