Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Students Experience Homelessness in Atlanta


Students ages 12-14 who attend The Paideia School exchanged their classroom for the downtown urban environment of Atlanta, Georgia. The topic was homelessness, and the students wanted to know about a lifestyle different from their own and about people they see on the streets. These Middle School students spent 5 days and 4 nights based at Hurt Park armed with just $5.00 for the week, one set of clothes and shoes that did not fit and worn thin by someone else. They spent their days visiting area food banks and shelters.

Georgia Public Broadcasting Reporter Rickey Bevington and Videographer Charlene Fisk met up with the students and provided the video from the interviews. One of the young women reflected:
"It is sad to see homelessness. It is heartbreaking to know that you are riding in your car within your comfortable life while there are people out on the streets struggling".

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