Monday, June 15, 2009

What Will Middle School Be Like?


Is everything my older brother told me true? Will I have too much homework? Will the older students really stuff me in a locker?

Students at Stockbridge Middle School(SMS) worked with their Graduation Coach, Ronda Kustick, to create a video that addresses the fears and myths 5th grade students might have as they prepare for that all important transition from elementary to middle school. Mrs. Kustick knew the importance of these new 6th graders make a successful start to their middle school career. She created the project and worked with her current students to involve them with the full production, from script to filming, in a partnership with a team from Georgia Public Broadcasting to get out the important messages.

The student hosts for the video explain some of the differences from elementary school, i.e. changes classes, what homework is really like, the opportunity to take Connections Classes (Technology, P.E., Chorus, Band, Music and Art). No one in this group has ever been stuffed into a locker, and everyone at the school is ready and willing to help the new students. The Graduation Coach along with academic and sports advisors are just some of the folks available to answer questions. Advice from Robert, one of the actors: "Listen to what the teachers say because they mean well and they are preparing you for high school".

What did this year's SMS students think about the video project esperience?
"Filming a video is one of the most amazing things I have done. Our patience and acting skills were tested. There were many things we had to do, but it was enjoyable and exciting."

"I learned that it takes a lot to make one movie. It was all an amazing experience, one that was fun and interesting. It was tiring doing our lines over and over, but worth the experience. It's very cool to be a kid-celebrity in school. I enjoyed the chanllenge and the worth-while experience".

Mrs. Kustick
reports that the video was well received by all the rising 6th graders and their parents who got to view the video in early May.

For more information on this project, contact:
Ronda Bowe Kustick
Middle School Graduation Coach
Stockbrige Middle School

View the video.

Slide Show from Stockbridge Middle School

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Anonymous said...

Our thanks to Ms. Kustick for getting this organized and bringing it to completion. We hope it is a powerful message to our rising 6th grade students.
Vicki Davis, Principal, SMS