Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grady HS Art Students Create Dinosaur Feet for GPB

Grady HS Art Students & GPB Collaborate on Dinosaur Project

Is it a bad dream or have you been seeing dinosaur feet all over Metro Atlanta? You are not dreaming. The feet are as real as possible for being the appendages of creatures long gone from earth. The feet are 4' tall; one pair organge; one pair green. They have been spotted on top of cars, at soccer games, church parking lots, at a children's museum and at other dinosaur friendly locations. They were created to draw attention to Georgia Public Broadcasting's Dinosaur Week, September 13-18, 2009.

Students in both the set design and sculpture classes at Grady High School, under the leadership of Art Chair, John Brandhorst, crafted the feet. Sophomore Iris Schaer took a leading roll in the initial phases of the project. The feet were sketched out, carved and molded from styrofoam then painted and treated with two coats of urathene to create a resilient surface.

Mr. Brandhorst accepted the commission from Georgia Public Broadcasting in order to provide his students with a real and connected project that mirrors industrial design projects in the real world of work.

Check out the slide show to see complete process for making dinosaur feet.

The structures are modeled after the feet of characters Buddy and Tiny from Dinosaur Train, the new PBS pre-school program created by the Jim Henson Company. The show combines a child's love of trains and dinosaurs while encouraging basic scientific thinking and skills along with learning about natural science, history and paleontology.

Check out the great offerings from GPB Television, Radio and Education as we all celebrate Dinosaur Week!

Thank you to John Brandhorst for the photographs documenting the creation of the dinosaur feet by the Grady HS students.

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