Friday, June 20, 2008

Gwinnett School of Math, Science and Technology

Boot Camp for Freshman at GSMST

How do you measure a school or the success of a student? If you are an incoming Freshman at the Gwinnett School for Mathematics, Science and Technology (GSMST), the school part starts with an assignment in Boot Camp, a one-week summer intensive that orients new students to the expectations and rigor of this charter school.

Gathering the dimensions of the school is an actual assignment from Mr. Garrison, one of GSMST's math teachers. With mathematical guidance, simple tools and helpful partners, the students experience a typical assignment - hands-on, creative and technical.

One measure of success at GSMST are the stories of the individual students.

The Freshmen: Ning, Jeremy, & Ahanth

The Freshman Class has approximately 250 students who had a strong interest in Math, Science and Technology and were selected from a lottery of nearly 500 students. Boot Camp is designed for them. Transition from middle school to high school can be a challenge, but it is more so at a school where the courses are demanding at taught at an accelerated. Parents and students are on hand the first day of Camp to meet the teachers, understand expectations and experience a typical day. Members of GSMTS's Sophomore Class are on hand to serve as mentors to the new students. Their advice - know that the work will be hard, learn to manage your time, and get ready for an amazing experience.
By the end of the week, the Freshman were enthusiastically looking forward to the start of the new school year in August. The were eager to meet new friends who shared common interests and were looking forward to being challenged academically.

Thanks goes out to Mr. Chris Gegen and the members of GSMST's Digital Media Club, Asma, Noor & Bradley, for providing background on the school and for sharing their dreams.

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