Friday, June 13, 2008

Making Friends in High School

DuBois Scholars Mentor Middle School Students

On a Saturday in February, 2008, the W.E.B. DuBois Society hosted an event at Spelman College that featured Step UP Workshops for middle school students. The workshops are part of a 20-week enrichment program of seminars and field trips. The Step UP Workshops are conducted by the high school students, know as DuBois Scholars, who serve in a mentoring role to middle school students and were the workshop leaders.

Circle of Support:
Finding the Right Groups and Connections. There are many opportunities to become involved in the life of your school, but choosing what peer groups, activities and adults with whom to connect can be overwhelming. This presentation will offer insights into the breadth of the relationships and connections necessary to support you during high school, why making these connections is important to developing yourself as a unique and interesting person, tips to guide your choices and the value in refining and often changing your choices along the way.

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