Thursday, June 5, 2008

Transition from Elementary to Middle School

A Day in the Life

At the end of the school year, most students thing about their summer vacation. For students making the transition from Elementary to Middle School, those dreams of summer fun can be interrupted by nightmares of what the first days of middle school might be like. Will they get on the right school bus? What they make the right decision about that first day of school outfit to wear? The worst fear for some is the school locker.

The faculty, students and staff of Richard Hull Middle School in Gwinnett County addressed these fears with a video project called A Day in the Life. This engaging and Cine award winning video plays out the fears that 6th grade students might have. It then shows the potential students what to expect in a real first day of Middle School. There is even a happy ending to the school locker adventure.
A video clip from A Day in the Life is provided here through the courtesy of Richard Hull Middle School. More information on this project can be found at the school's website. Christopher Gegen wrote and directed the project.

Enjoy those summer dreams!

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