Tuesday, June 3, 2008

XV Annual Bus Trip Across Georgia

The Bus Stops Here - To Highlight Success

The 15th annual Bus Trip Across Georgia pulled into the last stop of 13 school visits in October, 2007. You can join the tour via a short video from Georgia Public Broadcasting's Digital Library or for a longer tour from the website of Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education. The Bus Trips are annual events with a rich history of highlighting achievement and best practices in Georgia's schools. Representatives from business, colleges and universities, government and education ride both the North and South routes and in the process are inspired to match their prior knowledge with the reality of the classroom.

The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education, founded in 1990, is a non-profit, independent organization with a focus on efforts to shape policy and to reform public education in Georgia. It also serves as a source of information and research for individuals and groups interested in learning more about policy and issues that effect Georgia's schools.

Dates have been selected and the routes planned for the XVI Annual Bus Trip Across Georgia. Contact the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education if you want more information on the North route (October 28-30) or South route (November 18-20).

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